Our Fleet

Our Fleet: HIAB vehicles for hire including Rigid, Wagon Drags & Articulated Hiabs. Artic Flatbeds, Lowloaders & Moffetts.


ERF 8 Wheeler with 550 Hiab


7x Scania 8 Wheeler with 600 Hiab


2x ERF-8 Wheeler with 700 Hiab


2X MAN Unit 6x3 Tractor-PTO


4X MAN Unit 6x3 Tractor


Scania 6 Wheeler 600 Hiab + extendable Trailer


Scania 6 Wheeler 622 Hiab + extendable Trailer


DAF 4 Wheeler 18ton Flat


Mercedes 7.5tom Flat Bed


DAF XF 8 Wheeler 65 PM Crane


2x Scania 6 Wheeler with 422 Hiab


2x Scania 8 Wheeler with 622 Hiab


4 Wheeler 18ton Flat Bed


7.5ton Flat


6 Wheeler 280-4 Hiab


Wagon and Drag Vehicles c/w front stability legs




Moffett Mounted Forklilft Trucks


Articulated Hiab Vehicles


Tractor unit with HIAB 550 with 40ft to 60ft extending trailer


Brick Grabs


White Delivery & Escort Vans

Nortons Hiab Services Fleet

Nortons Hiab Services offers a Fleet of over 40 vehicles.

We have a vast range of modern HIAB vehicles to suit all your lifting requirements ranging from 600, 622, 658, 700 through to 855XS-8.
These comprise of Rigid, Wagon & Drag and Articulated Hiabs.

Our large fleet also includes Lowloaders, Moffett Mounted Forklift Truck and Articulated Flatbed Vehicles.

Whether you are in construction or logistics, having 100% reliable, professionally maintained HIAB fleet at your disposal when you need it is essential for small and bigger businesses alike.

Nortons HIAB Services is therefore many North West and wider UK distributed businesses first partner of choice when it comes to supplying everything from HIAB 422 through to 855XS-8 heavy duty loader cranes and container handlers.

August 2016

Our new Volvo 622 Hiab is on the road

The Latest addition to the fleet is a Volvo Tractor wagon with a extendable trail, the Tractor lorry is fitted with a 622E-5 HIAB, the difference between this and current models within the fleet is the front outriggers giving 360 degree of lifting capability, either attached to the trailer or as a standalone tractor unit, this truck has been on the Road from Monday 8th August 2016.

855-8 Scania Hiabs

Presenting 2 new 855-8 Scania Hiabs

Nortons proudly present our 2 new 855-8 Scania Hiabs being put through their LOLER (Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) Test before joining our fleet on the road next week

Scania 8 Wheeler with 600EP-6 Hiab Rigid Vehicle

HIAB 600 Lorry Mounted Crane:

Starting with our HIAB XS 600, Nortons HIAB services is able to provide multipurpose lifting and handling heavy duty vehicles for use in everything from construction, to heavy handling and even intricate highway maintenance works.

Equipped with total reach distances of 23 meters and with a load capacity of 57 tonne meters, XS 600 is a one of the HIAB vehicles of choice for infrastructural and construction work.

The HIAB 600 is a high precision crane that boasts lifting capacities up to 57 ton meters and has 9 hydraulic extensions that give you an outreach of almost 23 meters.

With a computerized safety and stability management system, the HIAB 600 offers unparalleled productivity and ease of use in its class.

In fact, there are no other contenders to it in class. The 600 has a hexagonal boom profile, side supports, attachable tools, and a multitude of options that you will not find in cranes even lurking near its capabilities.

Operator safety is of primary concern and the crane has an overload protection system in place.

It takes care of you while serving you at its best.

You can actually perform "impossible" feats using this crane.

Articulated 622E-5 Hi Pro Hiab with Extendable Trailer up to 55ft

Articulated 622E HIPRO HIAB:

The 662E Articulated HIAB on the other hand, is perfect for container loading, offloading, transport and in general articulation of loads weighing up to 50 tonne meters.

With a 15.8m maximum outreach, the 662E can't offer the same hydraulic boom height and maneuverability as the XS 600 but easily makes up for this in superior outreach lift capacity.

The 622E HIPRO HIAB is a truck mounted crane that has an Articulated Boom Overstraining.

With electronic load torque limitation, endless pivoting, hydraulic brace support, remote control and high seat, this is a marvel in itself.

This HIAB is equipped with the HIPRO system, which, simply speaking, is the most advanced truck-crane control system in the market.

Takeaways are unrivalled speed, extraordinary precision and high safety.

Automatic Speed Control and Pump Flow Distribution maximize productivity and keep it wonderfully smooth at all times.

Wagon & Drag 622E-6 Hi Pro Hiab Vehicle

Wagon & Drag 622E HIAB:

Adding even greater lift capacity to the Nortons HIAB fleet, our Wagon & Drag vehicles offer even further versatility by offering 360 degree lifting supported by front vehicle stability legs.

The Wagon & Drag vehicles can carry more than an artic (articulated vehicle).

The Wagon & Drag 622E HIAB is no exception.

It is highly powerful, and highly precise.

With a well-trained driver, you can expect wonders from this machine.

It has good precision, great safety features, and good ease of use, and can deliver great throughput for the effort placed into it.

Artic Hiab 600 cw up to 60ft

extendable bed

Scania 6 Wheeler with 422E-6 Hiab on Wagon & Drag Vehicle

422E HIAB:

Perhaps the fastest loading and most versatile HIAB in Nortons fleet in the meanwhile,is our 422E HIAB.

With side extending stabilizing span support,the 422E balances safety and precision to offer versatile heavy lifting and articulation suited to everything from in general construction to forestry based works.

The 422E HIAB offers a perfect balance of precision and power that leads of great productivity.

This highly versatile crane has amazing utilities,and great freedom.

It allows fast loading/unloading,ease of use,minimum downtime,reliability,high payloads,and low maintenance costs.

It is available in the 422 EP-4 HIPro with an extension of 13.2m,and E-8 HIPro,which can reach up to 20.8m with a manual outreach of total of 23m.

The HIPro technology gives the beautiful balance of power and performance.

700XS-8 Hiab on 8 wheeler rigid vehicle

700 XS HIAB:

However,for even more demanding and heavy duty works,Nortons 700XS HIAB offers an incredible 9 meter stabilized span support which vastly improves overall lifting capacity.

With a maximum outreach of 20.7 meters,the 700XS is the HIAB of choice for many large scale works and operations.

The 700 XS is an exceptional piece of art. It is laced with the best control technology,safety and productivity equipment.

It has a very high lifting capacity,and numerous hydraulic extensions to allow you to extend up to spans of 22.8 meters.

There is a 9m stabilizer span that promises high stability despite working at high power and reliability.
This crane is built to tackle the sturdiest and biggest of the jobs,and is a very high performance machine.

It is also equipped with the HIPro system,with innovative Valve 91 and SPACE 5000 intelligence system.
This is one of the cranes that allows for some of the highest precisions and is most productive for the money spent on it.

It is one of the sturdiest builds that you would see in a crane.

45ft artic flat wagon

Flatbed Wagon:

A flatbed wagon is called so,as it basically has a (usually) powerful engine,along with a flat bed with almost no superstructure.

These vehicles are most suitable for transportation of goods that are not weather-sensitive.

General freight and pallet transport operations can be performed.

Since the goods are exposed,we suggest covering them up with weather-proof sheaths.

A flatbed wagon is a beautiful machine that can carry almost anything in an elegant way.

The state-of-the-art machine can carry heavy loads,and still run like knife through butter.

The same high precision standards as apply to all HIABs are applicable in the flatbeds.

They are very secure and productive.


22ft flat

We can also move bricks via a Hiab with a brick grab

Brick Grab

Moffett Mounted Forklilft Trucks


Moffett's forklift is mostly truck mounted,and is a three wheel drive,which can be carried on any general truck/trailer without losing load space.

Thus,the deliveries are fast and highly optimum in terms of costs.

They are usually mounted on the rear of trucks or the platforms,and can be dismantled in under a minute,mostly.

After that,the goods can be transported wherever required.

As opposed to regular industrial forklifts,these truck mounted forklifts are more rapid,light,and can be used in challenging places such as construction sites.

The Moffetts can lift up to capacities of 7000 lbs. The ranges include machines for a huge range of applications like building,agriculture and animal feed,recycling,poultry operations,and so on.

These vehicles are "Built to perform".

The company even holds world championships of Moffetts,charities,and competitions,which are an interesting watch to say the least.

Articulated Truck Cranes


HIAB is the number one selling brand of articulated truck cranes in the world,today.

Known for the innovative product style and design,resilient long-lasting construction and high accuracy precision controls,HIAB sits comfortably at the top in the genre of knuckle boom truck cranes.

In fact,HIAB was the inventor of the first hydraulic truck mounted crane in 1947. The formula is so simple:HIAB artics are created to work better and last longer.

They have been around for forever.

They have around 60 models to choose from,that can range in capacities from 0.8 to 80 ton meters,with spans of up to 25 meters.

Their highly optimized hydraulics give you unparalleled control of the crane and high safety and precision controls make them a breeze to operate.

The HIAB trucks are built with industry leading safety standards,and do not only comply with them,but are also rigorously tested in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.

They can provide great solutions in construction industry,or road-building,handling heavy machinery,etc.


Rigids are basically trucks that are designed and built to carry and pull heavy loads.

HIAB produces 4,6 and 8 wheeled rigids with front or rear mounted trucks and trailers.

The trucks have varying lengths,most commonly,and 12 to 19 meters long.

The front mounted rigids usually have lifting capabilities of 1500 to 6000 kilograms.

The rear mounted versions,on the other hand,take loads of 330 to 1000 kilograms in general.

The vehicles have a selection of cranes,sizes and other features.

Some have the ability to have a drag trailer that can double the load space on the same vehicle.

All rigid vehicles have well trained drivers to handle the freight and the work. The large,4 axle rigid HIABs have enough pull to make them carry heavy loads like containers,transport cabins,and other loads up to 32 feet long.

White Delivery & Escort Vans

White Delivery & Escort Vans

Our Fleet

Our Fleet includes

  • » Our fleet provides our Clients with a wide range of top of the line equipment,prepared for any task you require whether it be lifting or transportation.
  • » The environmental benefit of using one vehicle to do the work of three is self-evident and will drive increased use of HIAB vehicles for years to come.

Fleet Additions

October 2014

New Additions to the Fleet,a huge investment bringing 3 new Hiab Vehicles into the Fleet and adding to our vast existing Fleet 1 Articulated 622E-5 Hiab c/w 60ft extender and 2 622E-6 shown in the photo Wagon and Drag Vehicles c/w front stability legs giving 360 degree lifting all 3 vehicles are also ADR specification with certified ADR drivers.


Two shiny new Scanias with Hiab 600 units.
They increase the capacity of our fleet and will improve the response time to our UK-wide customer base.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Nortons Hiab Hire are pleased to be able to offer all our clients extremely competitive pricing no matter how big or small your requirements, no matter where the job is located or the destination. From our base in Manchester North West we cover the UK.