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What does the name Hiab stand for?

It is an abbreviation of Hydraliska Industri AB.
This is the Swedish company founded in the 1940s.

What are Hiabs?

They are vehicles normally used in the construction industry and they remain to be a valuable asset to both construction workers and builders.

Normally you would need to hire construction equipment if you want to lift heavy goods and over time this can become really expensive.

With a Hi-ab however,the crane is attached to a lorry,normally behind the front driving cage so it can support a large amount of weight without compromising the safety of the truck or the driver.

Such Trucks are normally used when heavy crates or palettes of goods need to be lifted out of the back of the lorry.

In other circumstances,you would need to use a forklift truck for this but when you have a Hiab truck,you can lift the goods right out of the back.

So what types of jobs can a Hiab carry out?

You can lift out crates of goods or you could even lift other types of machinery out of the back of the lorry as well.

They are great for construction sites because you can drive the lorry on the road as normal without having to swap between machinery over and over again,not to mention that they serve a lot of different purposes so there are certainly many benefits to hiring one lorry rather than separate lorries and cranes.

Some have grapples attached to the hydraulic arm and others have hooks and other related attachments.

This allows you to customise your Hiab to meet your own purpose and this is especially beneficial if you need an all-round piece of equipment that will meet your every need and more.

You should note however that some vehicles have the arm at the back of the lorry,and this is great if you need to manoeuvre equipment from one place to another in quick succession because the arm has a greater reach.

The name HIAB is associated with top quality and cutting edge technology in lifting solutions.

The range carried by our fleet includes Moffett piggyback truck mounted forklifts, Multilift hooklifts and truck mounted loader cranes.

Load handling equipment manufacturers and their logo such as HIAB and the HIAB logo are registered trademarks. Nortons Hiab Services Ltd is not associated or affiliated with HIAB or other load handling equipment manufacturers,and expressly disclaims any and all rights to any such marks.



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