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Slinger Banksman, Hiab Driver Hire & Operators, AppointedPersons responsible for planning lifts.

Appointed Person

Appointed Person is responsible for the preparation and planning of the lift. The Appointed Person prepares RAMS (Risk Assessments,Method Statements and Lift Plans). We can provide generic RAMS or site/ lift specific plans.

Slinger Banksman

A Slinger Banksman is the person who directs the operation of a crane or larger vehicle from the point near where loads are attached and detached.

The Slinger Banksman/signaller is liable for facilitating the safe manoeuvring of cranes and vehicles onsite,and ensuring that the accurate equipment,apparatus and machinery is utilized in the loading and unloading of the goods from the vehicles.

Slinger/Signaller hooks up and detaches the load and delivers distinct clear signals to the crane operator.

The slinger/signaller also serves as the eyes and ears of the crane operator,continuously evaluating the changing environment for the duration of the lifting operation.

Therefore they should not be hampered with any other responsibilities or tasks.

Hiab Driver Operator

The person responsible for supervising the lifting operations. This is the only person authorised to operate the Hiab.They are not permitted to conduct any other function in the course of the lifting operation,this ensures the Safety of both persons and goods present.

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