August 2016

Nortons Hiab Services
New Volvo 622 Hiab on the road

The Latest addition to the fleet is a Volvo Tractor wagon with a extendable trail, the Tractor vehicle is fitted with a 622E-5 HIAB, the difference between this and current models within the fleet is the front outriggers giving 360 degree of lifting capability, either attached to the trailer or as a standalone tractor unit, the unit has been on the Road from Monday 8th August 2016

As one of our most important additions in years, the Volvo 622E-5 HIAB was a huge addition to our collection of trucks. Regarded as an elite industry vehicle for the jobs that we do in Manchester and across the North West, this helped to absolutely transform our HIAB offerings. Since 2016, it has been one of our most important pieces of equipment and it is still an essential part of what we do even today. With 360-degree lifting capacity, the 622E-5 HIAB is a game-changer for all the right reasons.

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